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When you purchase from us it's more than money; we answer Questions and help you save a bundle; read more detail about how you can save below!

Welcome to Haven & Hearth & Home Owners Keith & Kris Borgeson



With Corn or pellets in a Multifuel Stove

Heating Costs Can be Reduced up to 50% or more.

A BIG REDUCTION from the $10 to $20 a day that's coming

when crude oil prices rise again! We heard recently $4-10 gasoline

resulting in doubling propane costs in the next 6 months!


Announcing the First Revolution Drum Self Cleaning Self Starting Corn Furnace and Free Standing Stove. "The Lincoln" 50K BTU and The St Croix Corn Furnace Add-On: THE REVOLUTION, 60K BTU;

that run well on all settings & needs no class A chimney just corn burning venting!

Also the ASBHY, a great easy to clean and run: "FIREPLACE INSERT" from St. Croix is now available!

See more detail at (link below) then come back to us to buy!

Come and Visit our Store to See the Great New Money Saving Stove Additions you have asked for!! Announcing The Newest St. Croix "Lincoln" self-starting, and cleaning freestanding Stove and other additions below. Many options to Save on heating costs renewably!



Other New additions are : The Castle Wood Pellet Stove, a very affordable high heat potencial stove; we got our thermometer to read over 500 degrees coming out the heat vent. The Cumberland Freestanding, (can be ordered with HEAT LINK that can attach to duct work) it's a self starting multifuel stove, with more options less price! 3 New Bosca self starting Pellet Stoves, (these stoves have a european modern look). We also have New Wood Stoves, Gas Fireplaces, and Outside Woodboilers. Click on the products page above for more information!

Here is a link to a cool web site for fuel cost comparisons; just put in your costs for corn per ton (35.7 Bushels in a ton) and other fuels.

Corn has to be closer to $15 a bushel before it doesn’t save money over $2.49 propane
; for Manual Downloads or More Information.

Great link for info; Federal and State Tax Rebate information

We would love to hear your story please enter it at what our customers are saying.

Join the Revolution for Heating Independence!

With our Corn Stove SURE FIRE Technology: Heat with a Corn Stove & Save Money!


Haven also has The Greenfield the first cast iron Corn Stove, The Lancaster the mini corn stove 18 by 20 inches,

and the Auburn, the Champion Corn Stove; runs 2.5 days on low. Heat your house for about a

50-70% savings on your heat bill & have a warm house with a St Croix Corn Stove.

Propane Gas used to be $4 a million BTU now in less than three years the projection is over $12. The same price for

corn heat is down to about half or less. Save hundreds; Heat with corn or pellets!

Our Multifuel Stoves work well on low and on high, burning wetter and dirtier corn. They are the most popular

and the most reliable. Simply the best Corn Stoves on the market!

Less overall maintenance, just a lever shift when you add corn, usually every other day!


No big black soot buildups in the stove, in the pipe, or on the side of your house!

Puts an end to the continuous total shutdown cleaning from inefficient burning!

We test what's new and these are the best! Keith and Kris Borgeson have chosen

to help introduce; the best working, and the most efficient burning multifuel stoves on the market!

True corn stoves that burn 100% corn with no additives and burn enhancers needed.

These corn stoves work well, burn on all settings high and low, can handle 15% moisture corn; The New Champions!

People are replacing outdated older corn stoves with these! Because of customer demand we have replaced nearly every corn stove on the market with a Haven Stove!

Click on above at the top of the page: Why these corn stoves work; to find out why.

St. Croix and Cumberland stoves are;

When we began Haven Companies in 2000; before the St Croix came out we had reports on corn stoves:

in the Mpls Tribune & also on local tv channels. Haven Heath & Home

We present our products in news articles, ads, fairs, home shows,the



Click here for more information on a great award winning wood fireplace

then come back to us to purchase!


Croix Corn Stove St The amazing HS-Tarm corn boiler.

Click for more information; or click on HS Tarm under products at the top of this page!

This unit features technology beyond other corn/pellet burners on the market. It is being called 4th generation corn burning. The HS-Tarm is slowly making it's way around the world because of the advanced gasification technology! Customers are recommending others get a

HS-Tarm, and are happy burning corn with their HS-Tarm boiler because it works

well without a lot of maintenance!

Indoor and Outdoor Wood Boilers and Wood Furnaces

Empyre Elite High Efficiency Indoor Wood Boiler                                          Cozeburn Outdoor Wood Boiler      


Click on this for more information on boilers above or furnaces below; then come back to us to buy!

ENERGY KING Wood/Coal Furnace

Energy King

Haven Hearth & Home also features a complete line of corn stove and grilling

accesssories; look on our products page at the top of this page;

Auto Haven Storage: Boats, Cars (Base Price) $160/6 mo. Season

Snowmobiles $70/Summer Season, Inside; call for more information 763-689-8755


You must taste; to believe the flavor enhancing cooking effect of this grill!

For the latest info on Wood Pellet grills you saw at our show check out;

Then return to us for your best deal! Wood Pellet site under construction more to come soon

Here's a Link to our indoor wood stove products;

The ever popular Chalet 1800 Freestanding Woodstove is designed to meet the heating needs of most North American homes. An efficient wood consumption rate results in lower emissions and improved outdoor air quality.

Archgard's design team has developed a large, high efficient wood insert that will convert your old, drafty, masonry built wood fireplace into a useful source of heat, using less wood, and offering improved outdoor air quality, due to lower emissions.

Check out our gas products at; and

Then don't forget to come back for your selection! Thank you for visiting our web site!


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